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Fit 4 Life Fitness – Testimonials

Some of our Happy Clients

I have been TRX-ing for about 10 months. Jess has been an energetic and knowledgeable instructor. She meets everyone's needs, from beginner to advanced. She walks amongst her students making sure everyone is in correct form and modifies the activity to suit their physical needs. Her directions are very clear and most of the time I don't even need a visual to continue the exercise. Since the participants are varying in age and ability, she gives modifications for every exercise, from novice to physically fit. Jess challenges everyone and gives supporting comments. Jess' TRX workout is always excellent !

Dale G.

I started attending Bootcamp in early May. Not being a fan of group exercise or gyms, I was very hesitant. However, as the class was being held outside at 6 am, I knew it may be the only time during busy summer days that I would be able to exercise. So, I dragged myself out of bed and managed to get through the first class. Despite barely being able to do everything I was excited. Jess had hit all the areas I always blow off. I am a biker/runner and usually think about abs, arms and strength training, but rarely commit. Bootcamp does it all!. At three mornings a week, I feel how much stronger. I am biking, running and I'm sure skiing when the snow hits. I'm so excited I've been able to a be a part of it and cannot wait for more!

Margo Y.

My coaching sessions with Jess have been instrumental in helping me clarify my goals and to take action to make those goals realities. Jess has the unique ability to quickly connect, listen carefully and hone in on the tiniest of threads. She pulls on them in ways that has offered discovery and easy to achieve milestones.

Kristi G.

I couldn't be happier with my experience with Jess during our Fit for Life Bootcamp. You can tell immediately that she is dedicated not only to helping her class participants reach their fitness goals, but also helping them reach their personal goals. I love the mix of workouts at each session and learning new ways to challenge myself. I would highly recommend working with Jess!

Justina S.

I am rapidly approaching 70 years of age. For years I was an avid runner. Fifteen years a ago I cut back on running and became an enthusiastic road cyclist, and since then I have logged thousands of miles. In the past two years I added a three day a week Nautilus weight training element to my program. Yes, by about any measure I am fit at 5’8” and 142 pounds. Last ski season I logged 55 days on the mountain. That was great - except when I did lots of moguls three or four days in a row, my lower back gave me a good deal of trouble. Clearly, I was not getting everything I needed. So, at the end of September, almost four months ago, I added Jess’s two hour a week TRX training to my program. Her focus on total body fitness - especially core strength - has made a tremendous difference. My back issues are 90% gone. My overall fitness is definitely, significantly better since I began the TRX program. My wife, Suzanne, and I are very enthusiastic regarding the benefits of TRX. But we are also real fans of Jess McCurdy and the commitment she brings to our training. She is very knowledgeable fitness professional who shows real concern for everyone in her classes. We believe Jess is absolutely tops!

Roger R.
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